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Strange Requests

Discussion in 'Cool Gigs' started by Jessi, May 17, 2012.

  1. xbrix

    xbrix New Member

    FE Dollars:
    I've seen some reallly weird request. When ever I see them, I just completely ignore them. Before, when I first joined Fiverr, I actually accepted one, just to amuse the person that posted it.
  2. HankKingsley

    HankKingsley Member

    FE Dollars:
    I actually know someone who had the gig done for his avatar on another forum, but I don't want to post the pic, because I don't want to offend anyone.
  3. thomas pendrake

    thomas pendrake New Member

    FE Dollars:
    Reminds me of an old joke about a tatoo "Shorty" which I will definitely not explain here as it would probably violate some rules. There are some people getting paid for ad tatoos. I can understand temporary ad tatoos.
  4. kadam1novasparker

    kadam1novasparker New Member

    FE Dollars:
    I think that there is definitely a market for creativity and a bunch of people out there willing to pay a five spot to dare someone to do something. I think that it's not so much the actual value of seeing the actual physical act as much as it is paying to see if someone is actually willing to do something like that. It's like paying $5 to the carnie to see the world's smallest man or a three headed cow...it's just the anticipation of seeing something out of the ordinary and seeing if someone will really go through with it.
  5. smlewis00

    smlewis00 New Member

    FE Dollars:
    Oh wow! That is incredibly gross! Not only is it gross, but it isn't safe or healthy for him! I am all about humorous and funny gigs offered on Fiverr, but I don't support anything that could put your health in danger or at risk. You're right people apparently will do anything for money.
  6. Lokita

    Lokita New Member

    FE Dollars:
    There are some really creative people out there. I can't say I am one of them. I think paying someone to write on a body part is a waste of time personally but to each their own.
  7. deadline

    deadline New Member

    FE Dollars:
    I get a little lost in the Fun & Bizarre category and it amazes me how creative and strange people can be. I thought about sending my friend a disturbing birthday video from some of the more creepy styled gigs. I can't imagine some of the requests those people must get. It makes me wonder what type of income these people must be generating.
  8. LindaKay

    LindaKay Member

    FE Dollars:
    Some people are creative. But some people are...uhh...creatively weird.
  9. cpefley

    cpefley New Member

    FE Dollars:

    That is way too funny! I wonder how some of these people come up with these things it reminds me of when some guy sold an air guitar on eBay several years ago. I really wonder who actually buys these things?!
  10. cpefley

    cpefley New Member

    FE Dollars:

    That is an interesting question. I never thought of doing it as a silly gift for something. I wonder if those people actually do make money, or if they are just crazy experiments gone wrong?

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