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Rules of Engagement

Discussion in 'Annoucements & FAQ's' started by Fiverr Guy, May 14, 2012.

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  1. Fiverr Guy

    Fiverr Guy Administrator Staff Member

    FE Dollars:
    To keep this a clean and useful community, we have to have a few ground rules. These may be amended/added/clarified at any time.


    Fiverr Exposed is organized to be an HONEST expression of experiences that buyers and sellers have everyday while using the site. Therefore, we cannot have sellers who are self-promoting their own gigs in the wrong section.

    Sellers, self-promote your gigs in our Seller-promoted Gigs section. If you are found to be self-promoting your gig in our "fiverr buyer experience" area, you will be warned. Subsequent infractions can result in your account being banned.

    When promoting your gig, be sure to include:
    • the name of your gig
    • a link to your gig
    • detailed information (more than what we can find on fiverr)
    • any examples of your work (this will really help to sell your gig)

    Your honest feedback is helpful to the entire community. Please stick to provable facts when writing about your experiences, and do not add frivolous information to unjustly bash a seller. Also, if you feel that a post in the "fiverr buyer experience" section is made by a seller, please report this to us by using the Report link under the post.
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