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Discussion in 'Fun & Bizarre' started by 5is4fun, Dec 22, 2013.

  1. smlewis00

    smlewis00 New Member

    FE Dollars:
    I enjoy a good laugh so I'm okay with pranks within reason. With that said, I feel like this prank goes a little too far. I think this prank is cruel and could really upset and hurt someone. I like the concept behind it though. I think whoever you plan to prank with this, you should really be sure that they are not easily offended. Be entirely sure that they will get a good laugh AFTER the prank.
    Pranks should be humorous and fun. Getting someone really upset and hurting their feelings isn't humours or fun.
  2. Lokita

    Lokita New Member

    FE Dollars:
    I have been guilty of the occasional silly prank but never something that dealt with emotions. You never know what another persons triggers are. What may seem silly to us may really negatively effect another.
  3. wahmbrenda

    wahmbrenda New Member

    FE Dollars:
    In my opinion pranks aren't ever of good taste. To be able to sell them on Fiverr doesn't seem to be in the site's best interest. If they want to be taken as a serious marketplace I have to wonder why they allow this to occur.
  4. theshaynee

    theshaynee New Member

    FE Dollars:
    I think that's pretty funny.
    Granted, it could cause problems for certain people but that's with any prank.
    I've watched some pranks and frankly wondered how the person didn't have a heart attack. Especially in Japanese prank shows.
  5. LindaKay

    LindaKay Member

    FE Dollars:
    I guess it's a little bit funny, but it's kind of tasteless too.

    I wouldn't say that I hate pranks, but they do kind of get under my skin. They are kind of useless, plus they can be very hurtful. But idk...
  6. Brad

    Brad New Member

    FE Dollars:
    That gig could affect someone a lot. Imagine as you said, they pretended to be in love with the person and he/she had just been in relationship but it ended.

    Not really a fan.
  7. LindaKay

    LindaKay Member

    FE Dollars:
    True. There is really no reason to be so mean. :(

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