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Discussion in 'fiverr Buyers' started by Victor Leigh, May 14, 2012.

  1. gigseeker

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    Even after the gig has been completed, you can still file for a dispute and it's up to the seller to agree with the mutual cancellation. I was scammed by a certain seller and I demanded my money back even after the gig was completed, and he obliged, probably because he is afraid of the negative feedback.
  2. nowicki2013

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    Always make sure that you can finish a gig before you accept it. Even if there are some complications along the way, do whatever you can. There is way too much competition on Fivver these days to even have one negative comment or rating. The only people who get gigs now are those with a 100% rating. I think they have a couple of websites similar to Fiverr.com, you might want to sign up with one of those now and keep your rating at 100%.
  3. shahanshahshanto

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