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Great Gifts

Discussion in 'Gifts' started by 5is4fun, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. 5is4fun

    5is4fun New Member

    FE Dollars:
    I'd like to know what experiences others have had buying gifts on Fiverr. I've seen a few things that looked really cool, but I also didn't want to take a chance on buying something for someone else that might not be so great when it arrived. Some of the jewelry gigs look very cool, especially the custom-made ideas.

    Have you bought any really great gifts for other people via Fiverr? Have you been disappointed with a gift that you bought for someone?
  2. Kendra70422

    Kendra70422 New Member

    FE Dollars:
    I have purchased many gifts for my friends and family through Fiverr and have been impressed every time. I have to admit, I was a little skeptical of buying from other people since I usually sell my own handmade items but I thought to give it a try and after my first transaction I fell in love with Fiverr. Gifts I have purchased are Crocheted earrings, Greeting Cards, Paintings, and handmade bracelets. Each one of these have surprised me with more than I expected and I love that! I have never been dissapointed with an item I have purchased thus far.
  3. wahmbrenda

    wahmbrenda New Member

    FE Dollars:
    I've also had a good experience purchasing gifts for people on Fiverr. I've always been impressed. It's amazing what great gifts some people have. To me this isn't much different from by things on sites like Etsy.
  4. LindaKay

    LindaKay Member

    FE Dollars:
    I have never bought a gift on Fiverr. I have seen plenty of things that I thought would make pretty cool gifts, but I just haven't actually bought anything. I don't think there's anything wrong with going there for gifts; at least then you can get things that are unique and different.
  5. wahmbrenda

    wahmbrenda New Member

    FE Dollars:
    I like the gifts that are there but I don't think it's the first place that people look for these things at LindaKay. To me, Fiverr is mainly a marketplace for people offering work or services that they can do. There's nothing wrong with gifts being sold on there but it's not the first place most people will go to buy them, especially with sites like Etsy being so big.
  6. TommyMac

    TommyMac New Member

    FE Dollars:
    I've been very leery about purchasing physical items on Fiverr. If I were to purchase a gift and it were to get lost in the mail, what sort of rights would I have? Would I get my money back?
  7. gigseeker

    gigseeker Member

    FE Dollars:

    You got a point, but you can still contact the seller to work things out, and he may refund your money if he wants to as long as you complain within 15 days after the order is completed.

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