Changing the name fiverr exposed

Don't get me wrong, I like this forums name and understand it's a place to sell, buy, discuss all things fiverr. The only thing is, the name seems to indicate it's against fiverr, which is sort of what I thought when came here. I found it wasn't exposing them negatively, even though it tells the truth about the cons. Anyway, just a name change may attract people here to buy and sell their gigs and talk about it more.

Suggestions for name change?

What about:
Fiverr Buy/Sell/Discuss

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Ha ha! Fiverr Exposed doesn't have to be negative. When I think negative, I think of words like scam, fraud, etc.

Sometimes when you expose something, you go behind the scenes and find the truth. I wanted people to feel more free about sharing ideas and experiences they've had while on fiverr, and many people are afraid to be blunt when using the fiverr forum, for fear that their account may be restricted or shut down. People should feel free to talk about their issues, and the admins should use it as constructive criticism so they can improve.

Besides, is a little long to be typing in, and not as catchy! ;)
Yeah I agree my name idea isn't the best, and I understand what you mean, it does invite people to be honest about fiverr without some fearful reaction. Maybe it was just me who had that initial thought, I do think it's catchy. Besides that I do think this is a top notch forum, and hope more buyers and sellers come to be involved.

And, I'm glad to be here, even though I'm not a success story on fiverr, when it progresses to something notable I'll fill people in. I've been giving my gig more thought than usual lately.:)
This site doesn't expose the frailties of fiverr but admin i think this title does need a revamp.For instance Fiverr Flimflam or fiverr flanker.I don't know if those titles befit the forum,but i am just lending it a thought.I find the forum addictive and so intense but the subsections don't shower light on the term "exposed".I am sorry if i was harsh or if i had offended you.
Bala, those are some interesting suggestions. I couldn't have come up with those, fiverr flanker is not too bad, sounds like a war move though. I guess it could be a forum to flank the common perceptions and bring insight into fiverr. Don't think FlimFlam is very positive sounding, kinda makes me think it's some blabber forum full of nonsense, but it is catchy.
I agree. I think something a bit less tabloid-like would do the site better. Maybe add a subtitle as well? Something like "A community for Fiverr buyers and sellers to discuss all things Fiverr"
I also think that Exposed kind of has a negative connotation. When I first registered it did say that the forum was “to share their honest experiences & tips, and help make Fiverr a better community for all of us.” However, when I saw exposed, I thought to would expose the scams or something of that nature. If I could suggest a name I would say Fiverr Explored.
I didn’t think that this was a forum about the negatives of fiverr, but the “Exposed” did throw me a bit because it made me look through it to see what was being exposed and I then seen it was not all about scams or bad gigs/sellers. Even just putting it out there “Everything Fiverr” it would get the good and the bad. I really like this forum so far. It is fun to see what others find good and bad and I have seen gigs I probably would have never looked at before!
I think fiverr explored and everything fiverr are good suggestions, I like Fiverr Explored cause it sounds adventuresome. It is an adventure over there at fiverr, and there's much to explore, like I just found out there is a section where buyers solicit for sellers. Maybe I'm a bit slow, or have been lazy to get my gig going, but I didn't know about this. Not sure if it works well, but now I have something to do there when I get the time.
I agree. I think something a bit less tabloid-like would do the site better. Maybe add a subtitle as well? Something like "A community for Fiverr buyers and sellers to discuss all things Fiverr"
I agree a subtitle would work and cause less confusion. It would have to be something relevant and easy to remember.
Though, from the distance it sounds somewhat negative, but I did join and became a member after it got me thinking about fiverr and finding those loopholes that might help me make more more with my gig.

I wasn't really into positive forums for sites such as fiverr, I felt the more tricks I know, better still the more negativity I understand about it, the more I'm going to put that to use in riping a lot of income.
Yes, it does sort of have a negative connotation, but it doesn't have to. It's not a bad name, but a name change might not be a bad idea either.
I'll be honest, I thought the same but the name is just a marketing approach. It was something that got us looking! I have a book on Amazon called "Beauty Secrets Exposed" The excitement of the unknown is what attracts people to want to see what's going on. In other words what in the world is going on with Fiverr that needs to be exposed. I was glad to know that there was more positive things that people are saying about Fiverr than negative.
I think the name sounds more negative, but it does catch people's attention to see if there's something fishy going on in the site. Then when they finally get to check out the whole forum, they will see that it's not the case and it focuses on everything Fiverr related. So I think the name is good for catching people's attention.


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I like the name and I think people can clearly see the forums are for and against Fiverr. I came here because I knew the site and was it was recommended by friends, I never really thought it was always against Fiverr if I'm being really honest.