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Buyers who want to buy outside Fiverr

Discussion in 'fiverr Buyers' started by littlebelgianwriter, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. littlebelgianwriter

    littlebelgianwriter New Member

    FE Dollars:
    I do not know how people here feel about this.
    Most people either read the TOS or have some idea about Fiverr's TOS on joining the site.
    My rates are clear. I am prepared to do my gigs exclusively on Fiverr.
    Otherwise, I could end up losing my account.
    However, that is not the main reason.

    On Fiverr, you have some guarantee that you will see your money after you have delivered your work.
    Because somebody has paid upfront, I feel it is my responsibility to deliver.

    Occasionnally, there are buyers that want to take business outside Fiverr.
    They claim they want to pay me directly through PayPal and/ or want to pay a higher rate for my work.

    That may look tempting, but if they want to pay me a higher rate, they could do so by buying extras or ordering multiple gigs, couldn't they?

    I always let them down gently or tell them that Fiverr does not work that way.

    What is your take on this?
  2. Kendra70422

    Kendra70422 New Member

    FE Dollars:
    I understand what you are saying here when it comes to people that want to work outside of Fiverr.com. Fiverr does not allow you to do that outside of their website and it is stated in the Rules and Agreement. Just like with any website such as Ebay or Amazon, Fiverr does not allow making transactions outside of it because that can lead to money thieves and products not being shipped out. I'm pretty sure everybody wants to receive their products without being scammed so its best they purchase it in a legitimate way. I let the people down that do not want to do so just like you!
  3. littlebelgianwriter

    littlebelgianwriter New Member

    FE Dollars:
    Thank you for your answer.

    This way, I know I am not the only one that thinks that way.
    I certainly do not want to break Fiverr's TOS!
    That is my main reason for letting these kinds of customers down.

    Money thieves and products not being shipped out, would Fiverr and the sellers a bad name too.

    I am sure that there are some people that want to work outside Fiverr who do not have any malicious intentions.

    But I will never take my business outside Fiverr.
  4. Brad

    Brad New Member

    FE Dollars:
    I have had people in the past ask me whether I can do work outside of Fiverr and I always just reply "read the TOS". If you do so then you could be banned from selling your services on there.
  5. HankKingsley

    HankKingsley Member

    FE Dollars:
    I think that Fiverr recently started to allow sellers who are in high demand to contact their buyers. I was reading about a guy doing this. I don't understand why Fiverr would allow it though, after all they won't make any money from it.
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  6. littlebelgianwriter

    littlebelgianwriter New Member

    FE Dollars:
    Hi Hank,

    Could that be 'allow sellers to contact regular buyers within Fiverr'? You see, I heard that too and I was sure this was about a seller that contacted one of his regular buyers about a possible gig and that this all happened through Fiverr's message system. Sort of proactive messaging.

    That could be regarded as spamming too. But I would understand that some Top Rated Sellers or Super Sellers would do this to notify regular buyers that they go on holiday or something like that.

    No, I am sure Fiverr would not allow its members to take their business outside Fiverr. It would not be beneficial to Fiverr at all.
  7. Smartmom

    Smartmom Member

    FE Dollars:
    I don't even allow people to buy outside of Fiverr. I really appreciate Fiverr and I won't do a thing to allow my account to be closed. I did cancel one of my gigs because I just felt that 5.00 was not enough for all of the work I was doing. I did contact clients and let them know how they could reach me. The only time I would suggest this is if a person is thinking about closing their account or canceling a gig but I would do this with caution!!
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  8. littlebelgianwriter

    littlebelgianwriter New Member

    FE Dollars:
    If you contacted your buyers with the details how they could reach you, isn't that the same as motivating your buyers to contact you outside Fiverr? Or maybe those buyers were people that you already knew before that you worked on Fiverr. In which case the situation would be entirely different.
  9. LindaKay

    LindaKay Member

    FE Dollars:
    I wouldn't risk it. It's a good way to get kicked off of the site permanently, plus working through Fiverr helps guarantee that you get paid. If you do, I would be very careful!
  10. gigseeker

    gigseeker Member

    FE Dollars:
    A seller was offering me some of his extra services outside of Fiverr and I reported it, but after a month, that seller's account and gigs are still active, so I wonder if Fiverr really takes their TOS seriously.
  11. littlebelgianwriter

    littlebelgianwriter New Member

    FE Dollars:
    I know, I am a seller and at times, buyers want to take their business outside Fiverr.
    I felt reluctant about reporting them because I thought maybe Fiverr would not react. However, I let them down because I made it clear that I did not want to do business outside Fiverr.

    I am aware that, due to this, I have lost some buyers. But I would rather be safe, because I have heard of stories of people that lost their account after being caught for similar offences.
  12. nowicki2013

    nowicki2013 New Member

    FE Dollars:
    Even though it's against their TOS I don't see a problem with buying or selling outside of Fiverr. You just have to be careful with who you deal with. The only reason Fiverr says you can't do it is because they won't get their cut that way. You should always use PayPal when dealing with any kind of exchange of money online. Also check the buyer or seller's rating inside of Fiverr before dealing with them outside of it, make sure it's 100%!

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