Anything thread?

What about any anything thread. I know many of the forums have just a thread where it is doesn’t necessarily have to do with Fiverr but really seems to open up communication between the forum members. I enjoy chatting with new people and having discussions and I know that a lot of people like to join in on those as well. Just another thought! :D
Lounge, chat room, general discussion: all would be a good term. It might keep people hanging around and finding other people who might just have the thought they need to hear.And it might just be the thing that inspires someone to create business.
I agree, a general fiverr thought process forum would be nice. Somewhere to talk about fiverr but also generalities which encompass the scope of the idea. The general discussion on the fiverr fire that gives us our impetus to gig it and stick with it. Success is a state of mind forum, maybe a brainstorming gig forum. Good idea.
I am all for a lounge.
Sometimes when on this forum, something springs to mind that is not necessarily related to Fiverr, but comes close.
I have noticed people mentioning O-desk and Ghostbloggersand it would be nice to have a place to discuss experiences with these kinds of sites too when it is appropriate to do so.
I think that this is a great idea. Sometimes people just need someone to chat with about certain things and this could just help the day go by. There is always someone available to give input and most topics will work. I love chatting about Fiverr but a little change won't hurt.